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This professional BBO Ionic Cleanser is the important 1st step, of the the BBO Keratin Treatment.  

It a color safe, sulfate-free and oxide-free, spray cleansing system that effectively removes cationic buildup while unblocking the cuticle for improved performance of Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatments.


A network of naturally derived anionic cleansing agents draw out and dissolve impurities in just one wash.* For extra thick, curly more resistant hair or, for heavy buildup, repeat.


Remember Brazilian Blowout is a 3 Step Process. Step 1: Ionic Cleanser Step 2: Original Solution and Step 3: Ionic Bonding Spray are essential to performing a proper Brazilian Blowout.


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  • This new BBO Ionic Spray Cleanser really saves time, it's a 1 wash cleanser that perfectly prepares the hair for the BBO Smoothing Solution!


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