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Kenra Color Simply Blonde is a high-performance blonde hair color that provides radiant, reliable results every time. Take the guesswork out of blinding. This easy-to-use collection provides precision application and simple formatting that inspires client loyalty through stunning results. Stylists can target each of the key attributes that a client needs when coloring blonde. Kenra's signature LIFT-CONTROL-TONE performance, provides the radiant results every blonde demands. Sheer Tone - perfect neutralization with a translucent finish.


Excluding Sales Tax |

  • • Deposit the perfect neutralizing tone over lightened hair for a luminous, translucent finish

    • Apply intermixable shades to natural or pre-lightened hair to enhance or neutralize existing tones in the hair

    • Mixing Ratio: 1:1

    • Developer: 20V

    • Processing Time: up to 30 minutes

    • Available Shades: - Natural Gold, Rose, Ice and Steel

    • For a less intense tone, process for 5 minutes and increase until desired tonality is achieved


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